I got tagged!

Cricket tagged me for this 4 Things meme. Here goes!

4 Jobs I have had
1. Nurse - well, I have a degree in BSN so duh?! :)
2. Professional Healthcare Representative - I worked for Merck Sharp & Dohme for a year & 2 months. I didn't last because I couldn't stomach having to suck up to doctors just so they'd prescribe our meds.
3. Assistant - It was with our government's health department and I was an assistant to one of the program heads. She'd even ask me to help out with her daughter's homework, tsk, tsk!
4. Stay At Home Mom - by far the most difficult yet most fulfilling job of all! :)

4 Movies I watch over & over
1. Star Wars - only the first 3 movies that came out.
2. The Sound of Music - I have all the songs memorized.
3. Gone With The Wind - I know it's really long but I love it.
4. Casablanca 

4 Places I have lived
1. Zamboanga City, Philippines - born and bred here.
2. Riyadh, KSA
3. Singapore
4. Quezon City, Philippines

4 Shows I watch
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Heroes
4. CSI

4 Places I have been (outside my country)
1. Riyadh
2. Singapore
3. Malaysia
4. Indonesia

4 People who e-mail me
1. Olga
2. Dino
3. Judee
4. Eleanor

4 Favorite things to eat
1. Pasta! - spaghetti, baked zitti, carbonara, lasagna… love it!
2. Pizza
3. Chocolate
4. Kare-Kare

4 Places I would rather be
1. The beach. Preferably in Bantayan Island in Cebu.
2. In Riyadh with Je and our baby.
3. Backpacking in Europe.
4. In bed sleeping.

4 Things I look forward to this year
1. Joining my husband in Riyadh
2. Jeolo's first birthday
3. Getting back my pre-baby weight
4. Cooking more

4 People I am tagging
1. NNG
2. Grace at Sandier Pastures
3. RangersRus5
4. Whoever wants to play along!


  1. I loved Gone with the Wind also. I haven't watched it in awhile, maybe tomorrow. My daughter-in-law is a nurse. I was so blessed to have her when I had surgery a few years back - actually I am blessed everyday to have her. She is a good wife and mother. Blessings, Cricket

  2. Nursing can seem like a thankless job sometimes what with the crazy hours and low pay. But when we get a heartfelt "Thank you" from our patients & their relatives or we see our patients get better, the reward is priceless!

  3. I'll do it later today!!!

    Thanks Candy! :)

  4. wow, I'm dumb, I saw it and never did (I forgot about it)

    Well, it is now done! :)


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