a weighty issue

Since I gave birth, I've been obsessing a bit about the extra weight I put on during my pregnancy. About getting it off me, to be exact. Putting things in perspective, I didn't really gain that much. I weighed 118 lbs before I got pregnant and weighed 136 lbs right after delivery which meant I had 18 lbs to lose. I shed about half of it within the first month since it was most probably just water weight and had 9 left to get rid of. So, I resorted to cutting down my food intake. It proved a little difficult because I found myself binging on all the junk that I steered clear of (most of the time, hehe!) while I was preggers. And then the holidays came *sigh*. I went back to eating less in January and began doing exercise. But I couldn't do it as regularly as I'd planned because my time revolved around my baby.

Right now, I'm at 125. The last 5 stubborn pounds are proving to be the hardest to lose. Pre-pregnancy I weighed between 115-120 so I figured 120 was thin enough for me. Until I realized yesterday how idiotic it is to be obsessing over this weight thing.

I mean, I'm pretty lucky. I dropped 13 lbs without having to bust my ass or to starve myself. All I did was skip the sweets and chips. A lot of other women spend several hours a week sweating it out at the gym or suffering through diets to lose a pound or two. My metabolism's still pretty good for a 32-year old. I know I'll eventually get to the weight that I want. Not as fast as I'm used to but what's the rush anyway? I don't have to prove that I can stay slim even after having a baby. I'm not out to get a bikini-worthy body... I already had that for 30 years. Not that I'm loving my post-baby belly but, all things considered, it's all good.

That ends my weight fixation.


  1. I think you are not fat nor heavy at 120lbs! I have an impending weight issue also. I am trying hard to exercise and not rely on food for comfort.

    I want to achieve my goal at least before another pregnancy.

  2. That's why I realized I was being stupid obsessing about it!

    I hope you reach your goal weight before your next pregnancy... Hang in there! :o)


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