I've been feeling extremely letdown since last Monday. Then today I found out that the new booking we tried to get for the 12th has already been closed and we're again waitlisted for the 16th. Damn. But we do have a confirmed flight for the 22nd but I'm still hoping and praying that our agent manages to squeeze us in on the 16th. God willing.

I can't describe enough how disappointed I am that we're still here. It's so difficult being away from Je. I swear I'm going to stick to him like a leech once we get there. For now, I have to content myself with talking to him on the phone and through Yahoo! voice calls (it's free!).



  1. Oh dear, I can't imagine the disappointment. I don't understand though why the flights are booked. Do people really flock to KSA? Or maybe all of the passengers are OFWs? Philippines will really lost a lot of good talents who are eager to jump on the next flight out.

    Sorry, totally off topic!

    I hope you fly out earlier than scheduled!

  2. @ NNG: Thanks, NNG. It just really got me down.

    @ Grace: You're right, most of the passengers are OFW's who synced their leaves with their kids' grad ceremonies or summer vacations. Hahaha... what was the "good talents" comment all about? :o)

    Thanks, I really hope we fly out earlier, too!


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