miracle in a tube?

I've always said that I'm not afraid of growing old. I don't want to be like some women who try to cling on absurdly to their youth. However, I do want to age gracefully and to not look older before my time so I try to dress appropriately, eat right as much possible, avoid smoking, drink occasionally and take care of my skin.

When I turned 32, I began to notice fine lines at the outer corners of my eyes and in between my brows whenever I smiled. This despite religiously using eye cream and a moisturizer. The little laugh lines didn't bother me but the slight furrows on my forehead did. So, I changed my moisturizer to one of those popular products that claimed to get rid of fine lines and make the skin smoother and such.

About a week after I began using it, I noticed that my skin did feel smoother and looked better. I thought, "Wow, this stuff actually works." But after about a month, it seemed to lose its effect and my skin went back to its usual condition. I decided not to bother buying it again and to just go back to my old faithful, Nivea.

Then recently, I remembered about this other product, Pond's Age Miracle line, which I'd read about on Abbie's blog last year. She had raved about it and managed to pique my interest but I'd been hesitant about trying it out because their facial wash had given me pimples before. My curiosity eventually won out though and I bought a tube of their Concentrated Resurfacing Serum.

When I first applied it, I felt a very slight stinging sensation but I didn't get any rashes or redness so I continued it. I liked that it felt very light on my skin, lessened its oily appearance, made my skin feel very smooth and powder application a breeze. I didn't think of checking the serum's effect on my fine lines until about two weeks ago, as I was plucking my eyebrows, when I noticed that the little brown spot on my right cheek had faded and the tiny furrows between my brows had disappeared. I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn't been expecting to see any obvious changes.

So, I've decided to stick to it for now. I know that there's no stopping my skin from getting wrinkles and all the other stuff that comes with aging but if something helps me look better and to feel better about myself then I'm going to use it. It's been a month now and so far it's been living up to the hype. We'll see how it fares on its second month.

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