the evil that is eating out

On weekends, we usually go to the mall to just walk around, shop and eat. And eating out always undermines my resolve to lessen my food inatake. For lunch today, J decided to drive over to Applebee's. And I gave in to this:

It's called the "Shrimp Trio" - there's yellow rice with almond slivers, veggies (zucchini and capsicums) and shrimp cooked in three different ways: one is grilled on a skewer, another is fried with a panko breadcrumb coating and the third is baked in parmesan cheese and butter. Woohoo... cholesterol overload ftw!

Oh, and washed down with a glass of non-alcoholic frozen strawberry margarita. *burp*

I have to work out double time this week to burn all those calories off.

Mood Music: Prodigy - Breathe

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  1. argh... why is that not available here in the phil


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