after ondoy

As I scanned Plurk one last time before turning in at 2 in the morning (7AM back home in the Philippines) last Saturday, I caught a few of my Plurk friends grumbling that it was going to be another rainy day. I smiled at that because I personally love the rain and wished it would rain more often here in the desert.

Eight hours later, when I woke up, I checked on Plurk (addict!) as I usually do in the morning and was shocked to find out that the rainy day had turned into an all out disaster.  By the time it abated, the storm had caused flooding the likes of which hasn't been experienced by the Metro since 1967. Its raging waters had turned streets into rivers and destroyed homes, vehicles and other property, and even claimed several lives. Thousands were left homeless and stranded on rooftops.

It made me feel helpless as I monitored the news on Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. I couldn't help but shed tears as online friends posted photos and videos of the destruction and the appeals for help for those affected by the deluge. But we Filipinos are known for our bayanihan spirit and despite the government's inability to provide all the needed aid for the victims, people began to come together and found ways to work around those limitations to help our countrymen.

Until now, the Philippine National Red Cross, government agencies, people from the private sector and volunteers are hard at work rescuing people, collecting donations in cash and in kind and making sure that all of it goes to the victims of the flood. And as depressing as it may be to follow the news, it is also heartwarming to read of brave and heroic acts, of the outpouring of love, concern and generosity not only among Filipinos but also from foreigners who've been made aware of what has happened with the help of the internet.

And if you'd like to help, HERE'S A COMPREHENSIVE LIST on how and where you can do so.

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