my baby's growing up

In 5 months, my little boy will be turning three and I can't believe how time seems to have flown by. As I look at him sleeping right now, I can see how much he's changed. His limbs are much longer and not as rounded as before, his knees aren't as smooth, his hair is now thick and full and he only wakes up once during the night to ask for milk then he goes right back to sleep. In the morning, when he wakes up before I do, which is most of the time, he'll just lie quietly beside me and wait till I open my eyes then he'll give me a wide smile, call me "Meemee!" then give me a kiss. How sweet is that?

During the day, he's as hyperactive as any toddler can be but the nice thing about him now is that he actually listens sometimes when I tell him not to do something. And he continues to amaze me with how fast he learns. He loves looking through his picture books and having me read a story to him. And although he pronounces his R like a W (example: robot = wobot), he enunciates it so beautifully. It never fails to make me smile. He also knows how to tease his dada and me. I'm training him to always say "please" when he wants something but he sometimes forgets. When he wants his milk, he'll jump into bed and cry, "dodo, dodo!" and I look at him and ask, "dodo... what?".  He'll then give me an impish smile and repeat exactly what I said in the same tone, hahaha! I don't give in though until I hear the magic word. And he has food cravings like me. One time, right before he went to sleep, he started crying and said, "I want donut!" and kept on asking for it over and over again. He only stopped when his dada promised to get him one the following day.

There was a time when I couldn't wait for him to grow up and, once in a while, I still do but I've also begun to miss the baby that he used to be, when he was small enough for me to be able to carry him for longer periods, when he had to take his baths in a small tub, when his smile was toothless, when he was trying to learn how to crawl, stand and eventually walk. I look at him now and wonder that when the time comes that he won't be my little boy anymore, how would I take it? I really don't want to think about it yet. However, until that time comes, I'm going to continue to smother him with all the hugs and kisses enough to last me a lifetime.

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  1. Nakakainis ka naman Candy! naiyak naman ako sa post mo. Namiss ko tuloy ng sobra yung baby ko. :(

    You are indeed lucky having your baby with you. Times like this, I sometimes ask myself, is it worth staying here, away from my baby. Oh well, I know this is just temporary and everything will be in place. Soon.

    Regards to Hubs and to your cute little munchkin! :)

  2. Awww. :-( But he'll soon be with you so it's a matter of exercising a little more sacrifice and patience na lang then you can enjoy your mother-and-son moments again.


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