an Easter day

I've always said that my son will never get to own a PSP unless he learns to read first. I know that in today's techie world, it's a reality I have to face that my kid will eventually be begging me to buy him some gadget or another but, fortunately or unfortunately, Jeolo will first have to learn how to love books and reading before he'll ever get to own any kind of computer game.

Once in a while though, like yesterday, I let him play online games with my supervision. His current favorites are these games from Kneebouncers which are perfect for toddlers.

Naming colors is serious business.

He looks very happy, doesn't he?


Living in the Middle East means we have to make do without the usual Easter traditions such as going to church and going on egg hunts. To make up for it, we went out and had dinner instead at one of our favorite restos, Chili's.

They have really big servings and we ended up quite full afterwards. I love their nachos with the cheese and jalapeño toppings. J doesn't like spicy food too much so I gobbled up all the peppers which I regretted later at night because my tummy acted up a bit and I had to take some antacid. I ordered the shrimp alfredo pasta, hubby had steak and shrimp while Jeolo shared eating my pasta. We don't order a separate meal for him yet except for either french fries or mashed potatoes, which he loves, because he never gets to finish it anyway. Our drink was a concoction made of orange and pineapple juices with a dash of grenadine while Jeolo had a strawberry milkshake. And dessert was my favorite molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. Our tummies definitely had a happy Easter.

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  1. good on you for not buying your son a PSP. That is one reason why my Husband and I have never bought a DS or PSP--we don't have kids yet--because we don't want our future kids to grow up seeing up play those toys. it's not bad naman but for us it's about timing. like you, i want our future kids to love books first before anything else. :)

    awww i miss Chili's, reminded me of my vaycay in Dubai two years ago :)

  2. I think it's sad that so many kids these days learn to play their PSPs first before they even learn to read properly. Books come first, hehe!

    There's no Chili's in Oz? :(

  3. I really really hope that Jeolo will not ask for a PSP or any game gadget in the future. It sucks to see kids doing nothing but play with their gdgets.

    I recognized that Molten Cake dessert from Chili's! Just had one like that the other day.

  4. I'm really hoping that, too. I already have a list of lessons he can take on his free time, hahaha!

    Don't you just love Chili's molten choco cake? :)


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