To the man I'm growing old with

It's my husbo's birthday today. Unfortunately, we have to spend it apart again this year. It makes me sad but I want to make an effort and celebrate him. I usually try to avoid public displays of affection but I decided to break the rule and have a go at it. 

Hey, Sweetie.

It's your birthday but I feel that I'm the one who's received the best gift ever. YOU.

In the 6 years that we've been together (ten if we count the roller-coaster years), I have come to see, appreciate and experience the kind of person that you are. And I'd like to highlight 36 of the countless wonderful reasons why I love you beyond measure and beyond time.

  1. You love me unconditionally.
  2. You have the cutest dimples.
  3. You love your parents.
  4. You love my parents.
  5. You are very forgiving.
  6. You're a whole lot nicer than I am and it balances things out perfectly.
  7. You think I'm hot whether I'm a size 6 or a size 12.
  8. You have a smile that lights up a room.
  9. You're always willing to help people.
  10. You work hard.
  11. Despite what some may say, it doesn't bother you to do the laundry for us.
  12. You always smell absolutely delicious.
  13. You're generous to a fault.
  14. You change diapers.
  15. Your innate sweetness has been passed on to our boys. I'm sooooo lucky!
  16. You're confident.
  17. You have the kind of street smarts that I wish I possessed.
  18. You're willing to reflect and learn from your mistakes.
  19. You make me laugh harder than anyone can.
  20. You hold me tight when I cry.
  21. You're not too proud to say you're sorry.
  22. You supported me, and have kept supporting me, through periods of growth and discovery even when you weren't sure of the outcome.
  23. You are sexy. ;D
  24. You have the patience of a saint not only with me but also with our boys.
  25. Even when people sometimes try to take advantage of you, you don't allow it to embitter you.
  26. You may not be one for planning grand surprises but you still manage to surprise me anyway.
  27. You actually listen to me.
  28. You're a great friend. I hope your friends realize how blessed they are.
  29. You cook me my favorite dishes.
  30. You've started making your health a top priority.
  31. You keep proving to me that I married the right man without even trying.
  32. You're man enough to admit that you enjoy watching teleseryes, hehe.
  33. You take care of us.
  34. You make the kids and I feel safe.
  35. You are an exemplary son and brother.
  36. You love the Lord.

You're my heart and soul. My rock. The one I choose not to live without because you make my life better by just being in it.

May the Lord continue to guide you, take care of you, bless you with wisdom, courage, strength and at least 5 more decades of a wonderful life with us. I love you.

Mood Music: Grow Old With Me by John Lennon