Food galore

Sorry, the whole Barretto family brouhaha has permanently etched the term "food galore" in my brain. xP

Anyway, I'd been yenning for buko pie from Carmela's, a local food shop, for weeks. Then last Thursday, while waiting for Jeolo to be done with his OT session, I got to chatting with J online. I told him about my craving and he managed to convince me to buy a few slices so I'd finally be satisfied. I've cut down on eating sweets the last two years that's why I held out for as long as I did.

Carmela's mini buko pie
Instead of buying a few slices, I bought the mini versions instead because one is quite enough to sate a person unless he or she really, REALLY loves buko pie. The reason why I like Carmela's pie compared to others I've tried such as Colette's is that the buko they use is consistently young, soft and juicy and the buko taste hasn't been overpowered by the rest of the filling. Speaking of the filling, it's moist and soft unlike some which tend to be rubbery. However, I find it to be a tad too sweet although people I know have disagreed with me on this. I guess it all boils down to taste and preference. I do wish their crust was a bit more flaky and golden but taste-wise, it had a slightly buttery, salty taste which played well with the buko and the filling. 

Biko in a turon

While I was waiting for my pies to be boxed, I saw the turon that my cousin had recommended I try when I had the chance so I bought two. Instead of the usual slice of banana inside, Carmela's filled the turon up with biko and it was surprisingly good! I don't think I can manage eating more than two pieces of this at a time because of the sweetness but I would buy it again. And next time I'm going to pair it with a cup of hot green tea.

How about you? Is there any food that you've been craving for lately?

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