Imperfectly perfect at SEVEN

J and I are celebrating our seventh year of marriage today. We both can't help but be amazed at how the years seem to have whizzed by. :L

It hasn't been a picture perfect relationship but we have been able to take whatever life has thrown at us so far. We've been blessed with two beautiful kids and a love that has enabled us to stay committed to our marriage and to each other.

As I look at where we are now in our lives as a couple, lines from Ani DiFranco's song Imperfectly keeps playing in my head:

We get a little further from perfection
Each year on the road,
I guess that's what they call character,
I guess that's just the way it goes... 
And I know that it's not all
It's made out to be
Let's show them how it's done
Let's do it all imperfectly.

We've gotten past the starry-eyed naiveté typical of newlyweds and have plunged headlong into a life where plans continue to change or fall apart, of expectations that haven't been or aren't met but which sometimes turn out for the better, and of dreams that we have sacrificed or are letting go of because we realize that life is no longer all about our individual selves.

But you know what's the best part of it all? It's knowing that it's better to go through all these ups and downs of marriage with my best friend by my side and believing that together we can take whatever else is going to come our way.

Happy Anniversary, Dadoo. I love you. <3

Mood Music: Imperfectly by Ani DiFranco