the week that was

I had a pretty eventful and tiring Holy Week. Palm Sunday was spent at a resort in Laguna. On Tuesday, Jeolo and I got up early to join Mama & Papa for exercise at the QC Circle. I did almost an hour of Danz Taebo (almost because I had to stop to carry Jeolo a few times when he got impatient from watching us sweating it out) and it felt so good after. Then on Thursday, we went to the Circle again, this time with Ate Kathleen joining us. We went to the wet market at Pag-asa after that but Jeolo and I were dropped off at a relative's house to wait until Mama and Ate were done with the shopping. Jeolo got lucky and was given some cash by his Lolo Enteng. Lucky because Lolo Enteng's a bit stingy, hehe!

On Good Friday, the entire family drove to Tagaytay to visit some churches as part of the Holy Week tradition. We were able to do the Stations of the Cross at the Parish of the Great St. James, the Pink Sisters chapel and at the Our Lady of Manaoag chapel. It was definitely a sacrifice because the sun was sweltering hot that day and it was very humid and we had to squeeze our way through a throng of other devotees at all three places. And I had to carry around 8.5 kilograms of hyperactive baby flesh. It was a welcome relief when the temperature dropped in the late afternoon and by the time we went to People's Park to wait out the traffic, we were all shivering because none of us remembered to bring windbreakers. Good thing I'd brought along a baby blanket, pajamas and socks for Jeolo so he stayed warm. We had dinner at Viewsite and finally drove home at around 10pm.

Then yesterday, we were off again to Muntinlupa to celebrate my husband's grandmother on his mom's side 87th birthday. There was a lot of food and even more videoke singing. The only major setback that prevented us from thoroughly enjoying the day was the oppressive heat and humidity. I felt like I'd had a prolonged session in the sauna! We got home at around 10 in the evening and Jeolo and I were out like a light.

This week, I hope to just stay at home and bum around. But that's wishful thinking of course because how I can bum around when I have a 7-month old baby boy giving me a full body workout with all the bouncing he does while I'm holding him upright? I swear my arms have gotten bigger and my back broader from it, tsk, tsk!

And that's what happened to me last week. HAPPY EASTER everyone!

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