Okay, I had to let that out. At this time tomorrow, Jeolo and I were supposed to be in the air flying to Riyadh to be with Je. Unfortunately, we didn't get our visas today as we were supposed to, so... :(

There was some mix-up with Jeolo's birth certificate authentication at the Embassy that's why we were unable to get the necessary stamping. *SIGH* There goes another one.

I feel so deflated. But I'm thankful that the problem wasn't anything serious. Just big enough to cause a slight delay. We were able to get wait listed for a May 12th flight. God willing we'll be able to leave then.

Je kind of "I-told-you-so" -ed me because I scolded him a few weeks back for being so negative about the visa processing. But I did all that was needed. What happened was out of my hands. So, I'm not going to dwell on it any longer. Despite my extreme disappointment, I'm alright. I'm thankful because there isn't any real problem regarding our visa (just a late document), we were able to rebook our flight and we were spared from paying a no-show fee.

p.s. i guess that means i'll be able to catch ironman...