Still up

I tried to go to sleep about two hours ago but I couldn't. So here I am at two in the morning thinking that if things had gone as they should have, Jeolo and I would be landing in Riyadh between now and three AM. And Je would be waiting for us outside the gate and... STOP, STOP, STOOOOOOPPP!!!

It's just that I've been waiting for our reunion since he went back there last year in November. We've been doing a countdown to April 29th but because of some idiot, we now have to wait for another 13 days.

I really should go to bed now.


  1. It's 3h12 am and I'm not sleeping.

    Stopping by to say hello!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your delay but there must be aome good reason why you weren't able to fly to SA. Hang on there! Time will fly before you know it!

  3. @ NNG: night owls unite!

    @ Grace: I know but waiting is always so difficult. I wish I could sleep away the next 2 weeks or so!


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