first cut

Last Thursday, as I was preparing his feeding, my hyperactive 10-month old tried to stand up while holding on to a big pack of diapers that was propped against a low table. The pack slid down while he was on top of it and he hit his forehead on he pointed edge of the table. He screamed and when I looked at him, I saw blood trickling from his forehead. I rushed to stamp the bleeding with a muslin cloth as he bawled his lungs out. He calmed down after a few minutes and I was able to check how bad the cut was. It was approximately a 1/8" vertical cut right where your third eye would be. J was out so I called him to tell him what happened. He went to the hospital to get some stuff for dressing the wound and brought it home.

J was a wee bit agitated as I prepared the steri-strip, povidone iodine solution and some gauze. While I was cleaning Jeolo's cut, he kept giving me instructions on how to do it. I got a little exasperated and pointedly reminded him I was a nurse. He shut up after that and let me do my thing in peace.

And Jeolo? Well, after seeing stars in broad daylight he went back to his hyperactive self as if nothing had happened. Kids.

And I know we should have baby-proofed our room already. Before the accident, our plan had been to do it that weekend. Just goes to show it's never too early to begin baby-proofing your house. Lesson learned at Jeolo's expense.