happy feet

It's been barely six months since we bought Jeolo's 1.5 sizes bigger running shoes and he's already outgrown them. We've been hunting for about 2 weeks now for the perfect replacement and last Friday, we finally did. And I must say I love my tot's new sneakers.

They're called the Sensory Motion Peanut leather shoes (that was a mouthful, whew!) from Nike and are so much more lightweight compared to his last pair although they're of the same brand. The old ones weren't that flexible and for growing feet, shoe flexibility is a must because it will help him maintain his balance and to walk properly. The velcro hook-and-loop closure makes it adjustable, as well as easy, to put on or take off. Plus it looks really cute so our little man won't only be comfy but he'll also look good. The only disadvantage I can foresee is that these shoes are going to make it even more difficult for us to keep up with him as he zooms around *facepalm*.

Anyway, I hope that when he outgrows this one, Nike will have new designs from this line so we can get another pair again. For now, I can say our kiddo's little feet are definitely happy.

Mood Music: Run Runaway by Slade