what makes up a good day

Kisses from my two men. What could be a nicer way to begin my day than to be kissed by my husband and my son? Their show of love and affection make my heart swell.

Sticking to my diet. I don't mean diet as in skipping meals or starving myself. I have recently learned how to eat moderately as opposed to eating like there's no tomorrow and it makes me happy when I get through the day without giving in. It makes me feel real good about myself.

Laughter. Laughing at my son's antics, laughing at something my husband has said or done and laughing together as a family. There's nothing like it!

Being alive. No matter how difficult things can get sometimes, it's still a good day when I'm alive and well because that means I have another chance to make things better tomorrow.

A moment with God. To be able to touch base with the One who gives life, love and grace in a moment of prayer and reflection makes me realize how blessed I am.