click, click!

There are so many things that I'd like to blog about but I've been feeling too lazy to type out a post. I'll try to break out of my torpid state with something that made me laugh yesterday.

I was seated on our sofa reading while my son sat beside me, watching cartoons on TV. I didn't notice that he'd taken my mobile phone from my side and had started fiddling with it. I finally took notice when I heard him make a clicking sound with his tongue. I gave him a sideways glance and I saw that he was holding my phone with both his arms at length. Then he counted, "1, 2..." and made the clicking sound again. After that, he turned the phone around and looked at the screen. He repeated the entire scenario twice.

I was so surprised that I didn't start laughing until after the second time! Oh my goodness... my son's turning into a camwhore, hahaha! And I know exactly who to blame: my sister. Like most girls her age, she enjoys taking pictures of herself with her arm tripod. She does it a lot even when she comes over to visit and I guess my very observant and curious little boy paid attention without our knowing it.

Jeolo gave me quite a good laugh yesterday while emphasizing at the same time a lesson I already know: adults have to be very careful about what we do or say in the presence of children because we never know what their very active brains are absorbing.

Mood Music: Mr. Curiosity - Jason Mraz