I've never really been a big makeup user. I find that it takes too much time to bother putting all that warpaint on although I don't go out bare-faced either. My usual routine includes applying a layer of light foundation, cheek stain and a sheer lipstick. If I feel a bit more fussy, I pencil my brows a bit. But what I've always wanted to add to my ritual was curling my lashes and putting on mascara.

So what's been stopping me from doing that? My short, stubbornly straight Asian eyelashes. Whenever I use an eyelash curler, it doesn't manage to catch all those tiny strands because, aside from my lashes' length, traditional curlers are too contoured for my eye shape and whatever it manages to curl doesn't stay for longer than an hour even with those curling mascaras. It's always been a source of frustration for me so I pretty much gave up on it. Then recently, I came across a product online that gave me hope: self-heating, wand-type eyelash curlers. No need to blast a blow dryer on my traditional one and risk getting my lids burned. Now where to find one here in Riyadh?

This evening, my sister and I checked out the Sephora shop at the mall we went to and asked if they had it in stock. And they did! I was so happy and immediately got myself one. I'm really hoping that this works so that I can finally achieve that bigger, wider-eyed look I've always wanted for my peepers.

I'll let you know how it goes after I try it out tomorrow.

Mood Music: All Is Vanity by Manic Street Preachers