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I turned 34 last October 16th but I don't feel a day over 25. =D Life is good - I'm loved by the people I love, I'm blessed in so many wonderful ways and there is much to live for and to look forward to. Thank you, Lord.


We had been planning a trip to either Egypt or Turkey this year before we went home to the Philippines for the holidays. I was looking forward to it very much because both places have always fascinated me. But, as the days drew closer to our scheduled vacation, we realized that while those two countries would provide much enjoyment for J and I, our little boy wouldn't appreciate either of them at all. And I didn't want to leave Jeolo behind like we did last year when we went to Hong Kong and Macau. This year, I really wanted our trip to be a family affair so after some discussion, we decided to go to Singapore instead.

We've already bought our tickets and booked a hotel for the trip. I'm also busy researching and preparing an itinerary with Jeolo as my main consideration. Since I stayed in SG for almost two years and J has visited it once before, we can afford to skip certain places and concentrate instead on sights and activities that our tot would appreciate. For me, my excitement lies in being able to spend fun time with my boys, having my fill of hawker food and getting to see old friends.

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  1. I'm planning to go to Egypt next year. This year sana pero nagkaprob sa sched. I've never visited Singapore yet but I think your little boy will appreciate the place more.

    I also feel I'll forever be 25! Belated greetings!

  2. Maybe we'll see each other in Egypt next year then, hehe! And you should visit Singapore some time especially since you're a foodie. You'll love it there.

    We should form a club - Twenty Five Forever, hahaha!

  3. 25 Forever, I like that! Let's see if I can do at least 2 days stop over in SG when I vacation next year. =)


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