No, I'm not talking about the movie or about one of the doomsday prophecies on which that film was based. Instead, 2012 marks my batch's 20th year after graduating from high school. Yes, it's been that long and I am that old.

I came from a state university-run high school. We had only 3 classes per year level with about 45 students in each class so ours was a pretty tight group. Everyone knew everyone. What I loved about our school was that we didn't have an intellectual hierarchy like most other academic institutions; there wasn't one specific section where all the intelligent kids were grouped into to battle out their brains or a section where all the so-called slow learners were dumped or another where the average people went about their own business. Each class had its mix of high achievers and troublemakers and that made for an interesting and fun combination. I believe it helped all of us become more adaptable and open-minded individuals.

We've all gone on to live our adult lives and though we've kept in touch with our own cliques from school, everybody has been hoping for a reunion where we could all get together and reminisce how we were all young once. Some have attempted to organize batch get-togethers over the years but nothing came to fruition, for one reason or another, and people ended meeting up with their own barkada whenever they had the chance.

However, the time seems finally ripe for a grand reunion. My good friend Keith has offered to take the lead in planning and putting together a homecoming for the Class of '92. And the feedback seems very positive this time. Everybody is willing to cooperate and help out any way they can. We've also created a Facebook page to make it easier for everyone to contact each other and to discuss plans. A tentative date has already been set, December 8, 2012, which will coincide with our university's annual week-long alumni homecoming festivities but we'll be celebrating separately. I know that 2 years seems way too early but with so many of us now based overseas, it's only right so we can have time to plan and request for a specific vacation leave. And since most of us are at least 20lbs heavier than we were then, two years will give us enough time to lose weight, get into shape and search for that perfect outfit.

I can't wait!

I remember you so remember me,
As I was back then in my ripped blue jeans,
Moments ago, it seems to me,
That we were just kids in a memory...

Mood Music: In Memoriam by Everybody Else