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I've never been one for big, heavy gold jewelry. Except for a set of matching diamond ring and earrings that my mother gave me, most of the jewelry I own are small and simple white gold (I LOVE white gold!) pieces; nothing too loud and fancy. I do eventually plan to invest in a set each of diamonds, pearls and, of course, good, solid gold jewelry for me to wear on those special, formal occasions. And it will also give me something to pass on to my kids in the future.

But what really gets me excited are those quirky handmade trinkets like the ones you can find on Etsy. I looooove their stuff! That's why I can never own a credit card or else I'd bankrupt myself from online shopping.

Here are a few of their ornaments that make me want to wheedle the husband into buying them for me:

Top - left to right:
  • Petal pinque-stained glass with handmade sterling silver hoop earrings
  • Emerald-green jade and hammered gold hoop earrings
  • Celtic knot-work ring made of sterling silver and rainbow moonstone
Middle - left:
  • Amelie necklace made of sterling silver and emerald green-faceted quartz briolettes
Bottom - left to right:
  • Oceanic copper filigree cuff bracelet made of aged copper and ceramic and glass beads
  • White creek turquoise bracelet bangle watch
  • Steampunk filigree necklace with Swarovski crystals
  • The Ocean ring made of 10 individual hammered gold rings held together and set with 10 lab opal cabochon stones.


  1. I prefer white gold, too. Ayoko nung sobrang naninilaw. Hahaha. I bought some necklaces from Etsy. They're not too expensive but pretty!

  2. Ayoko din nung sobrang naninilaw, hehe. Yup, Etsy has a lot of gorgeous stuff and I have to restrain myself talaga. :)


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