The Blind Side

I have to say that I love sports movies and even more so if they're based on true stories. I love how they can motivate, inspire and show us life lessons about courage, tenacity and eventual victory. And I love how the underdog manages to come up from behind and win. The Blind Side has all these elements and even more.

The film begins with Leigh Ann Tuohy narrating and describing the importance of an offensive tackle. The story then moves on to Michael Oher, a.k.a. Big Mike, an extremely introverted teenager who comes from a broken home with a troubled past, being accepted into a Christian private school after the football coach sees potential in him. He is nearly homeless with no family and no friends. One cold evening, the Tuohy's catch him walking the streets on the way to the school gym to find some shelter. Leigh Ann decides to take him in for the night which then turns into weeks. They clothe him, shelter him, help him bring up his grades in school and treat him as a member of their family. I especially enjoyed Michael's relationship with SJ, the family's youngest child, who takes it upon himself to teach Mike all there is to know about football and appoints himself as manager/agent when the university coaches come a-calling. The Tuohy's eventually become his legal guardians and Michael goes on to become an NFL draft pick.

The football angle actually takes a back seat in this movie. The real story is about a family who opened their hearts to someone and how this act enriched all their lives. It shows what can happen when people help give others a fighting chance.

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