brain therapy

Last year, I became so hooked on Facebook and ended up writing less and less on this blog. Although playing online games was fun and helped keep me from shooting myself in the head out of sheer boredom, it seems to have diminished what little creativity I have left.

Thankfully, our long vacation seems to have cured me of my FB games addiction. I've already stopped playing six out of the eight game applications I was using and am about to give up another one. I might keep Petville for a while since I'm enjoying fixing up and decorating my virtual pet's home but it all depends on my mood swings.

I will try to fill my extra time with other activities such as blogging more in an effort to exercise my rapidly atrophying brain. I'll still be doing it more for myself but I'm going to be more sociable and do a lot more blog-hopping and commenting on friends' blogs.

Another thing I can do is to make good use of the Canon EOS 1000D I received as a Christmas gift from the husbo last December. I'm going to try and learn to take better pictures with it. It's a bit frustrating though because people aren't openly allowed to take photos in public here in Riyadh so I'm down several subjects to practice shooting with. Anyway, I'll try to make do with what is available to me and we'll see how it goes.

I'll also devote more time to reading to and teaching my little boy. He's a lot more receptive to learning new things now so it should be fun and will give us more opportunities to bond.

Good luck to me and to keeping up with my new game plan.

Mood Music: What I've Done by Linkin' Park