housewife mode: ON

Since J was off from work yesterday and our water supply was still strong, I decided to go on a cleaning spree.

I started with our new extra room, the one vacated by our old housemate, which we converted into Jeolo's play room. The old carpet still needs to be stripped and replaced and the walls need to be repainted but I've wiped, scrubbed and vacuumed it clean and it now houses our tot's toys.

Next I dusted and swept the hallway and dining area. The dust was so thick in some places that I could have planted seeds in them. And being the germ-phobe that I am, I saturated my cleaning water and rag with Dettol. Our house ended up smelling like a hospital room, hehe.

Last was our bedroom. I had to wait for my boys to skedaddle out of the house before I could tackle it. I sent them to the market and I was able to do my work in peace. 

At the end of my day, I was tired and my lower back muscles felt a little sore but nothing beats going to bed in a clean house.

Mood Music: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd