We said "Cheese!"

It's been a week since we had our group photo shoot and I still get molar-to-molar smiles every time I look at our pictures. I had no idea how hard it is to be a model in a photo shoot, whew! I think we spent the first hour and a half just trying to loosen up to get rid of our awkward smiles and poses. None of us except Eisilane, who has worked as a local model since we were in high school, has ever had any camwhore-ish inclinations so you can just imagine how difficult it was for us. When we finally did start getting the hang of it, it also began to rain to we had to pack up early and go home.

Anyway, here are a few outtakes of our hilariously fun day together. And please humor us old fogeys. ;)

The "Queen's" transformation.

Olga getting her makeup and hair done then trying out Keith's wig.

Keith tried to get a close-up of my eyes but ended up snapping my big face.

In-between shots.

Eisilane's still doing the post processing for the photos that came out well and I'll share a couple once she sends them out to us. We also talked about planning another shoot in August. That should give us enough time to lose some weight and for Keith, our "queen", to minimize his sun exposure and get a little fairer skinned. I also think we'll be more at ease next time because we now have an idea what's expected of us. 

All in all, it was a wonderful day spent eating, heckling and laughing at ourselves and at each other. There's nothing quite like the comfort of spending time with people who've seen you at your best and worst.

"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters." - DMB

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