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I just wanted to make it clear that I don't have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)... merely a bad case of OC tendencies. And I think there a lot of people like me around. It can get a little exhausting sometimes so there are times that I rebel, to my great discomfort, and let everything get as disorganized as they can get. I pay for it after though because I have to put everything back where they should be, hahaha!


Hey, did anyone, besides Cricket, notice my new look ? Do you like it? Yes, I'm blatantly fishing for some compliments (and critiques... fine) here. I never seem to be able to stay put with a template for long. I do hope this one finally will *fingers crossed*! I like that it has two sidebars and I'm slowly learning to tweak stuff around this template courtesy of Annie at BlogU so it's all good fun.


  1. (((((((CQ)))) I'm happy to hear this... I was abit worried!


  2. Hahaha... thanks! Claudia was under the same impression. :o) Thank God I'm just a bit too anal about certain things.

  3. I love your new blog look too- and your 13 things "ocd" post made me laugh:)


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