What is a Father?

I found this beautiful poem on From Reel to Field and thought it was perfect for J. He's turning out to be a wonderful dada to our son.

I Am A Father

I am a role model,

And an example of how to shape yourself.

I am a book,

And the lessons from which you'll learn to live.

I am a protector,

And your light to guide you through the dark.

I am a friend,

And the compassion to show you how to forgive.

I am a fan,

And your encouragement to be all that you strive to be.

I am a map,

And a guide down the path you'll need to walk

I am a breeze,

And the wings to carry you over any hurdle in your way.

I am a shoulder,

And an ear to bend whenever you simply need to talk.

I am a voice,

And the conscience to show you right from wrong.

I am a rock,

And the strength to help you pull your way through.

I am a hand,

And a lift to pick you up when you've fallen down.

I am a Father,

And an unwavering love that will always be here for you.


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  1. That is such a sweet poem! Yes, I certainly think that fits a dad!


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