...and we're off!

We were originally slated to fly home for the holidays on December 3 but J's Eid holiday was scheduled right at the end of this month, a few days before our departure date. It seemed such a waste to spend 4 more days here in Riyadh when we could begin enjoying ourselves in the Philippines earlier so he went to the travel agency and booked us for tomorrow, November 29, instead, yippee!

We also decided to surprise the folks back home so we didn't tell them we'd be arriving 4 days ahead than expected. Don't you just love surprising people? *impish grin* 

Mood Music: Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra


  1. I suddenly remember my family's reaction when I went home few months ago, unannounced. =) Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation!

  2. @witsandnuts We had a wonderful time and my mother-in-law's reaction when we first arrived was epic! Will blog about it soon. =)


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