my other man

My little boy is now almost 27 months old. He turned two last August but I wasn't able to blog about it since I'm only able to write with sense when the mood strikes me.

These days, I get exhausted just by looking at him. Somewhere along the way, he realized that walking is too boring and hopping, running and jumping is the way to go. It's even worse when we're at the mall because he prefers to go the opposite way from where we want to go. And the sight of escalators can bring the biggest smile to his face, as well as the mightiest tantrum if we don't go on it immediately. So, we ride one floor up then ride back down and he's satisfied.

What I'm enjoying most right now is how he surprises me with what he knows and continues to learn. I tried to slowly start teaching him a few letters of the alphabet, names and sounds of animals and how to count when he turned 18 months old but with each attempt, he'd merely smile at me then he'd run away. It frustrated and worried me a bit but I knew that children develop differently from one another so I didn't force the issue and let him be. He surprised me about two months ago, after I'd posted some easel-sized blank papers on our walls with a few drawings, which I named aloud to him while pointing them out, and he got it in a snap. I was ecstatic when he identified the moon, star, heart, flower, kite, house and tree. He insisted that my rainbow was water though, hahaha!

And it's been surprise after surprise since then. He's uttered his first three-word sentence: "Where go Dada?" He rarely says "dodo" for his bottle now and cries for "milk" instead. He says "please" and "thank you" (pronounced as teechu) although not all the time. He can count from 1 to 5 and can identify them visually, too. However, 6 to 10 is still a jumble. And he finally calls an apple apple. He used to call it A because A is for apple. He knows what's green and what's red, he calls his slippers "sippos", and whenever I open Cafe World on Facebook, he'll run to my side and names what he sees on the opening graphics: cown (corn), milk, chee (cheese), apple and mmm (the plate, LOL!).

I could go on and on but there's way too much to fit into one blog post. God has blessed me with a healthy, smart and extremely sweet little boy. You should witness our "movie sequence" where he goes to one end of the room then we'll both open our arms wide while we call each other's name then he runs straight into my arms to give me a tight hug. And even though most of the time I feel like I'm just winging it, seeing my boy flourish so wonderfully makes me think that I must be doing something right.

Mood Music:  Beautiful Boy by John Lennon