As I'd blogged about last November, we flew home a few days earlier than originally planned and decided to give the folks back home a surprise. And to make sure there would be yummy food waiting for us (J requested for callos while mine was lechon kawali, hehe!), we told my mother-in-law that our ninong from our wedding and his family would be going over to the house to have dinner. And as back up, we let J's eldest sister in on the secret. Her job was to help keep anyone from getting suspicious.

It was a thoroughly exhausting 14-hour flight on Singapore Airlines from Riyadh to Dubai, Dubai to Singapore then Singapore to the Philippines. And the first thing that greeted us was the traffic on C5 as we were driven to Quezon City by the taxi we hired at the airport. It took another two hours before we reached our doorstep.

J rang the doorbell and my sister-in-law answered the door and began to call my parents-in-law excitedly, saying the "visitors" had arrived. My FIL came out just as I entered the house (J was still getting our luggage from the taxi) carrying little J. He said, "Anong ginagawa nyo dito?" while laughing. Then my MIL came in from the kitchen. I greeted her but she just stared at us in shock for about 10 seconds before she started jumping up and down, laughing and hugging us. The expression on her face was priceless!

Needless to say, we sat down to a noisy, happy dinner before finally crawling into our comfy bed to grab some much-needed sleep. We were home.

Mood Music: Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins