'Tis the season...

The American Idol Season 9, that is. I've always been a big fan of the show and faithfully watch it as much as I possibly can each year.

The top 24 has finally been revealed and I already have my initial favorites although my choices might still change as the show progresses. I've always been more partial to singers who are edgy and different and who can change familiar tunes into something fresh. I also love my rocker dudes and dudettes. Maybe that's why my bets rarely win the top prize, hehe.

Anyway, my picks for now are:

Crystal Bowersox. I love her Janis Joplin-ish voice!

Lilly Scott. She has that unique jazz vibe that assures she'll never win it in AI but I'll be rooting for her anyway.

Lee Dwyze. He hasn't gotten a lot of exposure but his cover of Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People is teh bomb.

Andrew Garcia. His version of Paula Abdul's Straight Up was awesome! And so is this Michael Jackson medley he did with his friend.

Let's see if my bets will do well in the competition or if I'll be gushing over a new set later.

Mood Music: Anticipation by Carly Simon