100 Things

This is about as self-indulgent as I can get! I actually wrote this about 2 years ago and decided to revisit and update it.

So here are 100 things you probably don’t really care to know about me but I’m posting it anyway, teehee!

  1. I’m an optimist. Things can get me really down once in a while but I always manage to dig myself out of it and focus on the good stuff.
  2. I’m very passionate about whatever I believe in. I think I’d make a great activist, hehe
  3. I’m a Libra born in the Year of the Rabbit. But http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/your-astronomical-sign.html”>this says I’m a Virgo. Go figure.
  4. I’ve made a lot of friends over the years but I can count on one hand the few that I keep really close to me.
  5. I have a tendency to be too sensitive at times.
  6. They say as people get older, they mellow. For me, it seems to have gone the other way.
  7. I’m the biggest crybaby ever.
  8. I’m a lyric nazi.
  9. I love to write. My only wish is that I was better at it.
  10. People who proselytize, who don’t say “please” or “thank you”, who block the aisles at the grocery to chat and who are always late can make steam come out of my ears.
  11. I love buying makeup but I only use pressed powder, lipstick and blush routinely.
  12. Math is my Achilles’ heel.
  13. My nickname, Candy, comes from my mom’s frustration at not having been able to name me Candice (after Candice Bergen).
  14. The most-played playlist on my iPod is the “Oldies”.
  15. It irritates me to no end when I ask a question answerable by "Yes" or "No" and am given a long-winded answer.
  16. I’m a Star Wars fanatic. I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve watched the first three films (not too crazy about the prequels), and have virtually memorized all the lines, as well as read the expanded universe books.
  17. I used to hate being skinny. I always wanted to have some meat on my bones. And after 33 years, I finally got my wish and then some.
  18. I have really bad short-term memory.
  19. I rub my earlobe between my fingers when I feel uncomfortable.
  20. If I really need a pick-me-upper, I listen to Christmas songs.
  21. I still have the baby doll that my mom gave me when I was nine years old.
  22. Gerbera daisies are my favorite flowers. They’re such a happy bloom!
  23. I love bags but I’m not too big on buying myself designer ones. The most expensive bag I own is less than 5k. And I don’t want J to spend more than that to get me one either.
  24. There are three great historical sites that I would like to be able to visit in my lifetime: Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu and the pyramids of Egypt. I think this stems from my early childhood fantasy of becoming an archaeologist.
  25. I love crayons and colored pens.
  26. I have great faith in God but not in organized religion thus I practice Catholicism grudgingly.
  27. I am no pushover when it comes to my son’s tantrums. As long as he doesn’t hurt himself, he can cry himself blue but he’ll never have me give in to his whims.
  28. I sometimes snort when I laugh too hard.
  29. Grand gestures of love are always exciting but it's the little things that I cherish the most.
  30. When people try to give me advice, I expect that it’s something that they themselves follow. If not, then they better keep their mouths shut.
  31. I enjoy watching horror movies but I can’t stomach the blood-and-gore ones.
  32. I love the smell of freshly baked bread.
  33. I used to be a huge soccer fan. An old friend and I would stay up all night talking and texting each other on the phone while watching the games.
  34. The wee small hours of the morning are the most peaceful for me.
  35. I cannot swim well enough to save my life.
  36. I was a tomboy when I was kid. I loved playing & running around with my brother and the neighborhood boys (still have the scars to prove it!).
  37. I’m terrible at card games.
  38. Learning to cut down my rice intake has been my biggest challenge this year. And after 10 months of trying, I finally succeeded. Yay!
  39. I’m not afraid of the dark and of ghosts. Unless I allow my imagination to get the better of me.
  40. My grammar’s not perfect but I expect people to know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, “their” and “they’re”… you get my drift.
  41. My husband’s not perfect, and neither am I, but we're perfect for each other.
  42. I taught myself how to read as a child.
  43. I have a ying yan tattoo on my lower back. Yes, I was once very young and very stupid.
  44. Despite my poor memory issues, I do have a knack for absorbing useless pieces of information and trivia.
  45. I am prone to extremes.
  46. I’ve been hospitalized only twice so far in my life: when I contracted dengue fever and when I gave birth.
  47. I hate cigarette smoke. Seriously.
  48. I sometimes wish that J was taller so I could get away with wearing heels again.
  49. I don’t drink coffee.
  50. I love rainy days.
  51. I used to play pretty good softball and volleyball. I wonder why I ever stopped.
  52. I do not eat okra and ampalaya.
  53. Given the choice, I would still prefer to live in the province over the big city.
  54. I love amusement parks tremendously.
  55. I love the color green.
  56. I love chocolate but I can never eat an entire bar in one sitting. The same goes with chips.
  57. Friends have complimented me on having a nice singing voice but when I’m aware that someone’s listening or when I have to sing in public, I lose my nerve and end up with a lot of flat notes.
  58. I’m a bit of a compulsive reader. I even read labels on ketchup bottles, cans, user manuals from page to page, etc.
  59. When I go shopping, I’m not the type to move from one shop to another and agonize over what to buy. I can decide quite quickly. If I can't find what I want after checking out 2 or 3 shops, I either compromise or try again another day.
  60. I have little patience for impertinent people.
  61. I hate winter. I’m like a bird that needs to fly south during the cold season.
  62. I think mothers who dress up their daughters in Lolita outfits, encourage them to wear kiddie makeup and teach them how to pose like “models” deserve to be flayed.
  63. I don’t know how to whistle.
  64. I sometimes have the craziest dreams – like Fidel Castro hunting me down and our village being attacked by Voltes V-like robots.
  65. If I really enjoy a book, I will definitely read it more than once. I’ve read a few of my favorites at least a dozen times.
  66. I love food but cooking is more of a mood thing with me.
  67. I hate to waste my time pretending to like a person when I don’t because there are better things to waste my time on.
  68. I love soya milk.
  69. Driving and PMS bring out the worst in me.
  70. I try to never say never but when I do, I mean it.
  71. I’m a night person.
  72. I think people who don’t dress their age are an embarrassment to themselves. Frill-edged denim skirts belong on a teenager and not on a 35-year old woman. Sheesh.
  73. I like buying scented candles and nice stationery and I USE them.
  74. I rarely let my nails grow or paint them with nail polish although I did have a phase in my early 20’s when I did a lot of nail art on myself.
  75. I like my peanut butter extra crunchy.
  76. It surprises and sometimes exasperates me, the promdi girl, that my big city husband and his family are such a superstitious lot.
  77. My favorite sandwich from Subway is their Italian BMT (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) on honey-oat or brown bread with green capsicums, cucumber, pickles, lettuce, jalapenos and red vinaigrette sauce. Yum!
  78. I am quick to anger but usually quick to forgive. Operative word being “usually”.
  79. I’m a sap who gets teary-eyed over songs, touching TV commercials, TV dramas and just by looking at my sleeping son.
  80. I love the fact that, unlike most women, I’m not scared of growing older.
  81. I never thought it would ever happen but I can no longer keep up with the latest songs and artists in music these days.
  82. I’ve always wanted to keep a pixie-style haircut but my big face and fat cheeks won’t let me. Boohoo.
  83. I still know the lyrics to all of the songs in The Sound of Music.
  84. I cannot watch a movie in the cinema without a tub of popcorn, a hotdog sandwich and a large iced tea to keep my tummy occupied.
  85. Too much pink on anyone or anything makes me nauseous.
  86. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm honest enough to admit my prejudices but open-minded enough to put them aside and give everyone a chance.
  87. Turbulence during flights didn’t use to bother me one bit until a really bad experience on a domestic flight home in 2006. Now it scares the shit out of me.
  88. I used to have a penpal way back in elementary school. He was from West Virginia and we corresponded for three years until one of us stopped writing (I can’t recall who).
  89. I don’t get to use my brain nearly enough anymore.
  90. I used to have really great handwriting but it has severely deteriorated over the years.
  91. If I could, I would love to retire to somewhere in Crete, Greece or in the Italian countryside.
  92. I hate collecting stuff. If I can’t use them then I don’t need them.
  93. I don’t have any stretchmark scars from my pregnancy.
  94. I am willing to try almost anything ONCE.
  95. I sometimes wish I worked in the corporate world just so I could power dress. A nurse’s uniform is so boring.
  96. I have never owned, or plan to own, a credit card. J gave me the extension to his card but I doubt if I’ll ever use it.
  97. Cleaning house is a form of catharsis for me. I just don’t want there to be people in my way while I’m doing it because then it adds to my stress.
  98. If I’ve been to a bar and come home reeking of smoke, I can’t go to sleep without bathing first.
  99. I only eat chicken when the mood strikes me.
  100. I love being a mom although I know it’s going to drive me insane someday.

Mood Music: Who Are You by The Who