30+ going on 13

I have a school girl crush. The kind that makes me squeal with excitement and puts a silly smile on my face whenever I see him. And his name's Mark Ruffalo. Teehee.

The movie channels we get here have been playing several of his movies over and over again every couple of weeks or so and I just realized how utterly cute he is. He's also a really good actor to boot. What I love most about him are his puppy-dog eyes with their soulful gaze and, according to a Plurk friend who also shares my crush on him, he looks so "mabait". And he truly does look like your all-around nice guy which is probably a big part of his appeal.

Props to Mark Ruffalo for making this 30-something woman feel like a teenager again. :)

Mood Music: What I Like About You by Lillix


  1. i like him too! i like his look, his aura and his boyish smile :)

  2. Weeee... a fellow fan! :)I know it's not exactly a word that's usually used to describe grown men but he's adorable. :)


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