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My "no rice" policy went on hiatus when we went home for vacation last December. I mean, what good was being home if I couldn't eat all that I wanted, right? And even after we returned to Riyadh, I wan't able to bounce back immediately and begin eating healthier again because I was still hungover from our holiday and felt quite homesick.

A month and a half later, I seem to have finally snapped out of my carb-induced stupor and am now ready to whoop my ass back into shape. I'll be giving up rice again as well as bread, cookies, pastries, etc. and cut down on my sugar intake. I'll also make it a point to drink more water and green tea even though I hate having to pee so many times throughout the day. And I'm going back to running on the treadmill. The poor thing is doing nothing but collecting dust in the corner.

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how things go for me.

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  1. My treadmill is screaming for my attention, too. =(

  2. Let's try to give them some attention. :-)


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