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I've finally been able to work out an itinerary for our Singapore trip. Since our time will be limited, I had to narrow down my list to places that Jeolo would especially enjoy but also wouldn't bore J and me. I also had to make sure that our schedule would allow us to be back at our hotel by 9 pm, more or less.

Places To See:
  • Singapore Flyer. This wasn't around yet when I worked in SG 3 years ago and when J first visited so it'll be something new for us. I'm also quite sure Jeolo will enjoy being inside a gigantic ferris wheel. We plan to be there near sunset so we'll be able to catch a panoramic view of the cityscape while there's still some sun and also get to see it the city's bright lights in the evening.

  • Clarke Quay. J wasn't able to see this place before so I put it on my list. Unfortunately, we won't be able to enjoy the bars and clubs in the area but it's a nice place to stroll around, have dinner and maybe even catch a bumboat ride if we have enough time left.

  • Jurong Bird Park. I know our little boy will love it here! He'll have a chance to run around to is heart's content (and to our exasperation, hehe!) as well as see the beautiful bird species that this world-famous aviary houses.

  • Sentosa. There are only 3 particular attractions here that I've marked for us to see: Dolphin LagoonUnderwater World and the Songs of the Sea show - all for our baby boy (not that we're not going to enjoy it, too). I am hoping though that we'll have enough time for me to have a go on the MegaZip.

  • Singapore Zoo. What little kid doesn't love animals? Plus they recently opened a new attraction which I know will drive Jeolo nuts: Rainforest Kidzworld. There's a water play area that will be sure to occupy most of his attention.

Places To Eat:

I really have missed the hawker food in SG so I'm making sure that we eat out at two of the best hawker food  places that are within the areas we'll be visiting.

Places to Shop: 

Well, we won't really be doing much shopping except for a few pasalubongs and if anything particularly special catches our attention.

  • Far East Plaza. It's located on Scotts Road but is still considered as part of the Orchard Road shopping experience. I always loved it here because there was always such an eclectic choice in clothes, shoes and accessories - from the fashionable to the outrageous. And it's also a place to catch some great bargains.

  • Bugis Village Flea Market. Tourists, as well as locals, come here to buy clothes, bags, jewelry, souvenir items while exercising haggling skills so that's where we'll be, too. And I like it that the more posh PARCO Bugis Junction mall is just right across the street, an airconditioned haven to run to after we're done.
So, that pretty much sums up our itinerary. The one I prepared is actual more detailed but it's so OC-ly made that I feel a bit embarrassed about sharing it. Here's to a wonderful trip for us!

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  1. I'm excited for you and your family. We're going to Malaysia naman in April. Initially, I considered going to Singapore from KL (for 24 hours lang) pero kakapagod pala when I look at our itinerary.

  2. Thank you! =) KL's really nice, too, but why only 24 hours? Bitin!

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